New iPad at Work Trial Kicks Off in Liverpool Hospitals

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    The Guardian newspaper reports today on a trial of a new scheme in Liverpool in the UK, where NHS staff are being allowed to use their personal mobile devices at work. If the trial is successful, it could lead to employees at Liverpool Women’s and Alder Hey trusts getting subsidies in future to fund the purchase of mobile devices. According to The Guardian, in the last two months, 10 staff at Liverpool Women’s NHS foundation trust have joined in the trial, which enabled them to bring their iPads and Acer Windows and Android tablets to work with them. Apparently only the staff with Windows tablets have been allowed to use them to access clinical systems though, and the iPads have only been used by non-clinical staff. No reason was given for that distinction. All of the tablets have had Kaseya security software installed, so that staff can access them via the Internet and control them, or locate them and wipe them should they be lost or stolen.

    Dr Chaudry added that if the trial is a success, the health trust will consider helping staff to buy mobile devices such as iPads and that they will also be allowed to use at work.

    Source: Bring your iPad to work scheme trialled at Liverpool hospitals | Guardian Government Computing | Guardian Professional
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    Bring your own equipment...

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