New iPad 5 leaked video showcases thinner iPad mini-like bezel

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, May 31, 2013.

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    Based on the amount of rumors alone, we’re fairly sure we’re going to be seeing the next generation iPad come out into the light soon. This week, Vietnamese tech related website posted a new video showcasing the latest standard in case design for the upcoming device.

    The video offers probably the clearest view of the next gen Apple tablet up to date. The iPad showcased in it seems to be just what one would expect, given the current rumors. The tablet features the now omnipresent in every new iPad related story – the thinner iPad mini-like bezels. Due to the b​​ezel reduction, the overall tablet width seems to have been decreased as well. The reduction in bezels will allegedly allow the new iPad to become 25% lighter and 15% thinner.

    The person in the video also tries to fit the new iPad into a current iPad case but it is unsuccessful. Does this mean that the tablet will also see a redesign in the height department? Watching the video one can’t help but notice a space in the case located in the central position destined for the rear microphone. Other leaked images, emerged in the past week, suggest the same placement of the rear mic.

    We might want to take in all the information provided by the video, especially since has a pretty decent track record when it comes to information likes this. For example, back in 2010 they somehow managed to get their hands on a yet unreleased MacBook. Is this what happened here, as well?

    Source: Apple Insider

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    I'm a little concerned about the bezel getting too thin. I hope it's not a hindrance for users with large hands!

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