New iPad 5 high-res photos offer a detailed look ahead of October 22 event

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    We’re all eagerly waiting for Apple to reveal its fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad Mini later this month, somewhere around October 22, according to the latest hearsay. New high-resolution images of the upcoming iPad 5 have been leaked online by the same Australian writer that seems to have deep connections in the supply chain - Sonny Dickson. The new pictures provide a very detailed look at the casing and front panel of the fifth-generation iPad.

    This is not the first time we’re having a clear look at iPad’s components, as multiple photos and videos have been leaked before by the same source and others. These new high-quality images offer a better look at what seems to be a slimmer iPad 5 that has borrowed the same design language from the actual iPad Mini. The photos also strengthen the possibility of the fifth iPad getting released in the space grey color, which could potentially replace black. Of course, a real hit would be a gold iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, but we wonder if it won’t be too costly for Apple to produce such a gadget.

    To do a recap, Apple’s iPad 5 could come equipped with the following: a new 64-bit processor. improved 8-megapixel camera and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. If the iPad 5 will have an iPad Mini-like design, then this means it will be thinner, lighter, and smaller in size than the current fourth-generation iPad. Some experts already suppose the iPad 5 will be two millimetres shorter, 15 millimetres narrower and about two millimetres thinner than the iPad 4.

    After having a quick look at these pictures, what is your opinion? Does the iPad 5 really look better with an iPad Mini inspired design?

    Source: SonnyDickson

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