New iOS 7 concept surfaces, showcasing changes to status bar

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    With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5S and iPad 5, Apple will probably start concentrating on refreshing its software components, as well. We’re most likely going to see the iOS 7 during this summer. The Worldwide Developer Conference seems like a good place to launch it.

    While we are waiting the launch of the iOS 7, designers and developers alike have started creating different iOS 7 concepts. The m​​ost recent one bears the mark of designer Joe Hall. He focuses on showcasing improved features such as the status toggle bar, fun additions like colorful and vivid animations and a new “close backgrounded apps” button. However, some elements are not so intuitive, like using a pulling down menu to access notifications.

    The creator writes:

    “New iOS 7 Apple iPhone Concept video TV Spot focusing less on new features and more on exploring and infusing animation, emotion, and personality into the new OS and iPhone 5S.This iPhone 5S iOS 7 video does include new features but is not a wishlist nor intended to address iPhone 5S or iOS7 rumors. It is not a comparison or comment on Android features and has not been informed by other devices. It does not address a flat UI design approach or any other speculations. It is simply intended as an experiment in motion and interaction design.”

    Some rumors have been piling up about the launch of the new iOS, the most exciting one of all hinting towards a mysterious killer app. We wonder what that could be.

    Source: iPhoneHacks

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    Killer app for iOS?


    The opposition would never know what hit them.

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