New high-res pictures of iPad mini 2’s housing get leaked

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    ipad mini 2 housing.jpg

    As we are waiting for the next gen iPad mini to be unveiled, photos showcasing parts of the gadget continue to be seen around the Internet. The problem is, they offer the same angle, so basically there’s nothing new to get excited about, in anticipation of what’s to come. So far, the rumor mill seems to agree.

    This wee​​k another batch of high-res pictures showcasing the back aluminum plate of the iPad mini 2 in HD quality have popped up online courtesy of Sonny Dickson. Of course, every detail of the back shell is visible in the pics thanks to the advanced quality, but they add nothing new to what we already know about the device, but these are new pictures taken at a very good resolution and quality. They do confirm that we’re going to see slight improvements when compared to the previous version.

    The second gen iPad mini is expected to sport an unchanged design factor. What’s going to change is what’s packed under the hood. The iPad mini 2 will most likely come sporting a Retina Display touch screen and a fast A6 processor. This way it will be able to match the specs of the fourth generation iPad.

    Apart from that, it seems that the holes (volume buttons, rear camera, stereo speakers) spotted in the back plate are the same with what can be seen in the current iPad mini model, with no exception. The images probably showcase a 3G/LTE version of the shrunken tablet.

    Source: PhoneArena

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