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    We are excited to have our 3rd iPad app available today.
    ArtScapes brings some artistic wallpaper to the iPad, with each image formatted specifically for the iPad.

    We have created a wallpaper app with not only some great images but also a beautiful design that we think you will all love. And the best part is it's a FREE download. Get it in iTunes here: ArtScapes (Wallpapers for iPad) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store


    ArtScapes – Not your ordinary wallpaper! Get a sample collection of artistic images from throughout Europe.

    Let these wallpapers take you on a journey to Switzerland, Italy and France with some beautiful artistic images.

    Please NOTE: If you are looking for over sharpened, over saturated, extremely colorful and typical wallpaper images this app isn't for you.
    This is a collection of artistic images, unique works of art for your iPad. All images are high resolution and sized just right for the iPad however may be soft or grainy as an effect from the artist.

    Here is the iTunes link: ArtScapes - Wallpapers for iPad

    Enjoy :)
    And as always we appreciate your feedback on any of our apps and your 5 star ratings. We are here to create useful apps for you so any feedback feel free to contact us online

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