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    Interesting story on how I finally became an iPad owner, I've been an iPhone owner now for the last 3 generations and love the phone. My wife became a Mac devotee a few years back and simply loves the MacBook. So, the iPad comes out and everyone who's anyone just has to have it but we waited. Then the iPad 2 comes out and I'm ready to take the plunge but the wife's says, "I'm reading a lot of good things about the upcoming HP touchpad, it's true multitasking, runs flash and should be a more open platform" so we wait.

    Fast forward to July and the launch of the touchpad, we spend about a hour in best buy playing with all the tablets and realize 1. Neither of us like android, 2. The iPad just seems like a bigger iPhone but we both like the way webos flows so we pop for a 32gb touchpad. We get it home and it's good, we like the way it works but start to notice some of the warts like the flaky browser (interesting since it's a webkit core, just like the iPad) and the speed issues with some apps but we figure it will get better so we plug away.

    Then comes the announcement last Thursday and I'm pissed. I just dropped over $700 on a tablet and accessories and it's DISCONTINUED! I do a full erase and pack it back up within a hour of the announcement and off I go to best buy to see if I can salvage anything (not knowing they were eventually going to make it right by extending their return policy to 60 days).

    I walk in and hand the return clerk the touchpad, all neatly re-boxed along with my receipt and say, "I would like to exchange this for an iPad". They ask why and I say I don't like it. Now, it's been 46 days since I bought it so I expect to get all kinds of grief but to my surprise, after she types madly on the terminal that her next question was, "which color iPad would you like?".

    So here I am, after a brief stint on the dark side I'm back under the apple umbrella and honestly, I really like the iPad.

    What was I thinking? :)
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    Good to hear from you. You’ll find a whole bunch of iPad enthusiasts in this Forum who are only too willing to help other iPad owners and to hear of their experiences. Don’t be afraid to post any questions you may have or use the ‘Search’ button near the top of the Forum web page. I usually find I discover one new interesting and useful piece of information about my iPad every day - and often not even what I was looking for!!

    Hope to hear from you soon with your thoughts about the iPad.

    Have fun and enjoy your iPad

    If you don’t already have it you can download a copy of the iPad manual for free.

    Apple - Support - Manuals

    Please read the rules too!!

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    Hi there and welcome.

    Wow, interesting story and good to hear that you didn't lose out on the Touchpad.

    There is lots of good advice and info on here plus plenty of members all too willing to help with any problems.

    Remember, search is your friend.......and please don't forget to read the rules & hacking section rules for all you jail breakers (and would be jail breakers)

    The Archangel

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