New Dash tweak brings multitasking back to the iOS

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    Multitasking hasn’t always been easy to achieve on iOS devices. So far, multitasking oriented interfaces like multifl0w and Cardswitcher have proved to be quite popular alternatives and very soon there’s going to be another addition to the family in the persona of the jailbreak tweak Dash.

    It has been designed by the SBCoders development team and looks pretty amazing. The interface features a linen wallpaper texture and moves smoothly. It also features a button that will allow users to automatically exit the tweak. Visually the interface feels very native which is a definite plus.

    If you have more than one application running on your device they will be suspended in memory in the back showing their last screen. To bring them forward, users have to swipe left and right. One you find your application, tap on the screen and it becomes available for use. Swiping up the application will cause them to close.

    So far, the tweak is in beta version and offers five different variants of animation modes. Of course, more will be added in the near future, once the tweak ends its beta period. To choose their preferred mode of animation, users have to go to the Settings of the application and to tap on Preferences.

    Choose between: Scoll(default), Cover Flow, Time Machine, Rotary and Cylinder. Even though it is only a beta version, the tweak seems extremely promising for people who want to exploit multitasking on their iOS devices.

    By Radu

    Source: Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - Upcoming Tweak 'Dash' is an Eye-candy Multitasking Interface for iOS
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    Hopefully landscape is add in the near future.

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