New Chrome Download Manager tweak released on Cydia

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    Users of Google Chrome on iOS devices rejoice! Chrome Download Manager is a new tweak that has just been released and will enable iDevice users to competently manage their downloads via the Google Chrome browser.

    The new download manager comes sporting an appealing interface and incorporates quite an impressive set of features. For example it will support and manage the following format types: .zip, .rar, .iso, .dmg, .ipsw, .deb, .torrent, .mp3, .pdf, .jpg, .avi, .doc. Files can be opened with iFile Dropbox and GoDocs as well. According to the developer, Skram, who is responsible for the manager, the program will support other formats as well.

    The Chrome Download Manager is pretty flowing. For one it automatically detects when a file is available for download and will push it in front via a pop up window requesting permission to do so or abort the whole process altogether. All downloads go the following directory location: var/mobile/Media/Downloads. To go to the location users will simply have to use iFile.

    When users are faced with multiple downloads, the files are placed in order in a queue. A badge is added to the settings menu in Chrome so that users don’t forget they have a download in progress and decided to shut down the program without it being complete.

    Downloaded files can also be sent by email if they are under the 20MB imposed limit. A nice surprise was the inclusion of the Notification Center by the developer, so users are notified / alerted when a download has been completed if Chrome is set on the background.

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