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    A good friend of mine created this new and very original Card Game app called Four Stack. I am trying to collect some feedback on it so she can gauge what people like plus get ideas for future releases. I really like it and I think anyone that likes card games like Solitaire will find it very cool. It has good functionality for a first release and so far there are plans to add sounds. She also wants to optimize the graphics for iPad; although, it looks great already on iPhones. I would love for you to try it and tell me if you like it. I provided the links to the App Store for the full version along with the free Lite version. The difference between the 2 is mostly around the number of difficulty levels. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


    Links to AppStore
    Four Stack Lite App: App Store - Four Stack Lite
    Four Stack App: App Store - Four Stack
    You can also search the store using keywords like: fourstack, 4stack, four stack, etc.

    Four Stack is a totally original, single player card game that is simple to learn, quick to play, challenging and really fun. The basic objective of the game is to clear four stacks of cards using the remaining cards from the card deck. Each of the four card stacks contains a number of randomly selected cards from the card deck, as determined by the difficulty level. Apply strategy and logic to win the game.

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