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    Good night,
    My name is Jeroen and I will start within one month now and my own business. Now I like to work and study on the iPad, and I'm looking for some apps that I can not easily find.
    These are the following:
    (1) an app for Google Analytics. I heard that Google Analytics HD is very good?
    (2) an app where I can mind mapping. I need to write down ideas, SWOT etc wit the customer. iThoughts seems a good one?
    (3) an app where I can keep my business finances. It does not matter that I need to enter it myself. It's like me all results in finance and have an app.
    (4) an app that I tasks, projects and the like can join. The idea is that I have my projects and services to be carried on.
    (5) remaining undiscovered apps that can help me with my own company..

    Jeroen Meertens

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