Need to charge iPad 1 while it is connected to PC

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by zzz13, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Yes, and no. Any reasonably moder computer, yes. However there were quite a few problems with the iPad 1 when trying to charge with the first generation of USB equiped computers. I remember this clearly. Some would charge, abet slowley, when the iPad was off, but still lose charge if the iPad was active. Some simply did not work.

    This isn't a matter of reading the specs, just remembering the many people who visited the forum unable to charge their iPad 1's on thier then, already oldish, computers.

    Anyway, if the iPad's battery is already iffish, and the computer old enough not to supply enough current to run the iPad will on, the powered USB hub is all I can think of that might work; short of replacing the battery; which is probalby more expensive than it's worth.

    Note: There was an app that worked with some Windows computers (depending on what USB controler they had) that would boost USB output enough to charge an iPad 1. I don't remember the name of that app.
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    In previous days, I owned a number of external devices (CD/DVD drives, bigger old HDs, etc) that required a 'dual USB power cable', like the one shown below - don't believe that I've ever seen a double USB to a single 30-pin iPad dock adapter (like a Y-Connector) that would provide more charging power to the iPad; of course, those were the days of earlier USB ports supplying more feeble power and external devices requiring more juice to work. Dave :)

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