Need help with Sony camera and CCK

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    Dec 4, 2010
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    I am wondering if there is anyone that can help me with my problem. I'm leaving on a trip in a few days and my iPad will be going with. I want to be able to upload pics to a forum and FB while I'm gone but I have a Sony camera that takes a Memory Stick Pro Duo. I have the CCK and a universal card reader, but as I suspected, there isn't enough power for the card reader.

    Does anyone have any ideas like a card adapter (MS to SD) or a universal card reader that would work?

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    Jul 26, 2010
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    Ok, well ur cam should have a USB port also if it takes the memory stick duo. Just plug ur cam, with the memory stick still in it, to the CCK plugged I to the iPad. After a few seconds pass, the photos that are in ur cam should pop up. Another way is to jailbreak and get ifiles. Then when u plug up ur cam to CCK, ifiles will see EVERYTHING that's on that cam or memory stick inside.
    CCK works either way, by taking SD card out and plugging it into CCK on iPad to view photos. Or plugging a cam/camcorder up to the USB adapter of CCK hooked up to iPad. Jail breaking and getting ifiles is the ultimate way to make sure u see everything on whatever u hook up. Not just vids n photos either ;-)

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