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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by teamspb, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Hi all!

    I shall apologize in advanced for a long winded post, but I have a dilemma...

    Im going away next week for two weeks and fancied taking some movies/tv programs away with me. I currently have an iPad 2 32gb and have a few programs and movies already stored on it which I play via CineXPlayer which is great and plays all the formats of movies I generally have - mpeg4, avi, wmv etc....nothing mega space intensive. I have looked into a few options and im struggling to reach a decision as to which to go for and hoping someone can help or maybe has used one of the solutions I have thought about....I will end up taking around 20-30 or so gb of movies

    Option 1

    Compress all movies and just put as many on the iPad as I can and just live with it

    Option 2

    I have a 32gb SD memory card and a 32gb USB drive which I can load movies onto...but I am then presented with the problem of accessing them via the iPad?? Are there any options here as my iPad is NOT jailbroken??

    Option 3

    Buy a Seagate Satellite 500gb drive (£140) or a Maxell AirStash and use my 32gb SD Card (£80)

    Option 4

    Go all out and buy a Seagate NAS 3tb Drive (£145), allow UPnP access via wifi/3g meaning I can leave all my movies at home and can access from my iPad via the Seagate app. However, as ill be abroad, I dont fancy the data charges so will rely on wifi access to access the data which will be a risk in terms of how good will the wifi access be....

    Obviously I would like to go for the cheapest option, however, as there seems to be no way of accessing movies on SD/USB unless the iPad is jailbroken, I can consider option 2 to be out the window, and if sticking to option 1, limited to the amount of movies I can take.

    Option 4 seems like the most cost effective considering the storage space (3tb) and able to access all files from anywhere in the world (wifi coverage dependent)...

    Which route would you go for?

    Again, VERY sorry for the long worded post...but im confused as ever lol
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    Option 4 if I'm in the US or countries that have great downloading speed. 3TB is better than the goflex 500. What about the download speed abroad? That worries me.
    With option 3, I have it all the time without worrying about the download speed.
    I have the GoFlex and I find it always handy and worry free.

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