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    iPad music app better than Pandora or Spotify

    Check out an iPad app called " MyuZik - Music on Demand " in App Store.

    MyuZik will revolutionize the way you listen music songs on iPad. MyuZik lets you discover, explore, access over 3 million artists (from any country) and listen over 10 millions full songs on choice. On Choice means you can choose any particular song ( from your favorite artist ) to listen for any number of times. NO EXTRA FEES REQUIRED. So grab millions of songs, millions of artists pictures and more on your iPad in just 0.99USD

    Brief Highlights:

    ★ Discover new bands and artists ( using similar artists approach ). Explore over 3 million artists.
    ★ Listen to their FULL songs. If you want to listen a particular song again then just tap the song to listen again and again. More than 10 millions full songs available to listen on choice.
    ★ Tons of new artists and songs added every month.
    ★ Read their artists biographies.
    ★ Read their artists news and upcoming events.
    ★ View, save and email their artists pictures.
    ★ Automatically detect iPad music library artists on launch of the app.
    ★ No Subscription required. No hidden fees.
    ★ No login account required.

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