My ZAGGfolio keyboard - key problems!

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    I got my last problem resolved here and now have another problem with the keys functioning.

    Lately, I've been having trouble with a few keys not working properly (ie. right now it's the delete key and the letter a). I can get them to work by pressing them over & over or harder at an angle until it works, but that can be frustrating as it takes a lot of time.

    In the past, a few other keys were not working when pressed and the ones above were fine. Does anyone know why I'm having problems getting the keys to work???

    I thought that perhaps the keyboard was dirty, so I cleaned it just by squirting air under pressure over the keys to remove any possible dust. Other than that, I can't figure why the keys are not functioning. I'd rather get them to work then get a brand new keyboard as I've only had it 9 months or so.

    Is there anything else I can do to more thoroughly clean the keyboard? It's weird that different keys stop working at different times.


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