My thoughts on the IPP Keyboards out there....

Discussion in 'iPad Pro Forum' started by Andy847, Apr 16, 2016.

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    After reading someone got a good deal on an Open Box Apple Smart Keyboard at Best Buy, I checked online and saw they had a few at some stores not too far from me. Lower sales tax there too.;) When I got to best buy to try the Apple Smart Keyboard, the girl there recommended it if not going to do much typing with it. Then showed me the Logitech Create, which wasn't one of my choices before, because of reading some bad reviews on it. The other choice was the Zagg Slim Book, which Is my favorite and cheapest, but everyone states the one big negative is the weight. Other than that I love that keyboard and case.

    After showing me the Logitech connects the same as the ASK and doesn't need charging, I bought it while out for the day. I also liked the keys on it, were the kind I'm use to with the chiclet style keys. I like that better than the ASK. Ended up reading reviews that the Backlit keys use Battery up on the IPP. So returned for the Open Box ASK. I didn't even try the logitech, but I want my Ipad to last long when I use it. The Zagg also works off bluetooth instead of the two previous I mentioned. Plus Backlit keys again. So when I got home, it didn't take me long to get kind of use to the ASK. Then I was typing on it in my room and saw that it was hard to see the number row at the top, because I have lighting behind me in my room where my desk is. I have a desk lamp for that, but if I'm out in a dimly lit place, maybe a starbucks or something, I may have trouble seeing the keys.

    Just then I got an Idea that I would try typing on my Mac's original Apple Wireless Keyboard which is sitting in my File Cabinet, not being used. I don't like how small it was and the fact that no number keys on the right, where I prefer them. So bought a full size Logitech Solar Keyboard for my Mac. Well, after typing just minutes on the AWK from my Mac. I decided I'll just return the ASK and use that. I forgot how nice it was to type on. The spring in the Keys is wonderful. Yeah, no backlit keys, but they are white, easy to read and use. So for me it's got a lot of pros. It's already paid for, Not that heavy, and I can type faster on that than the ASK. Only Cons are it uses batteries and connects by bluetooth.

    So since I can probably just use the Apple or my Swiftkey Flow keyboard on my IPP onscreen, I can use the AWK for any long typing I need to do and definitely cheaper than all the other options out there. So not looking until I see something better out there. There's never one that doesn't have one flaw or another. I know the Brydge is coming out with a keyboard soon and so is ClamCase, but the Brydge is more expensive than the ASK and the other is not that much less either. Just my opinion after trying the Apple Keyboard. It's nice and light, just don't like typing too much on it. Not to say it can't be done, just not my preference.

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