My iPad won't turn on after being "lost" at airport and reporting locastion

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    My iPad is dead and completley unresponsive. Can you help me figure this out?

    :confused: On Tuesday I had a flight to catch. I got my bags and headed to the terminal from the airport parking lot. Once I was ticketed and through security I realized I didn't have my iPad. My assumption was I left it in my car seat. I've forgotten things like that before. So I did my overnight trip, returned Wednesday and when I got back to my car, no iPad. So there were only three possibilities, the first two made the most sense. 1. I took my iPad out of the car, but it on roof of car and left it there. 2. I took it with me, but in riding shuttle buses from parking to terminal, I left it on the seat of the shuttle. 3. It dropped out (very unlikely or got stolen, also unlikely). Oh and I picked up a signal Tuesday (the day I left)showing it on a map in roughly the location where I parked.

    So I called the airport public safety office last night on returning home and reported it missing and filed a report. Also, with my Mobile Me I picked up a signal that the iPad was reporting it was at a residence in a home near the airport, about 2-3 miles from north part of airport when I had parked in south part of our huge airport.

    This morning it reported to be in the office of the north parking lot and shortly there after I received a call from an airport detective that they had my iPad and I could pick it up.

    There was a small ice storm Tuesday night and temps were in the teens so if the iPad was out (say on the top of my car), it was at some risk.

    I was very hopeful because between Tuesday and mostly last night, I bet I reconfirmed location on it 12-15 times with no problems. The last time it reported to my MobileMe was at 8:11 this morning about the same time I received a call to pick it up.

    I picked it up tonight and the serial number was confirmed so it is mine .... but ... the battery is dead (understandable), but when I plug it in (tested the plug twice on my iPhone and used two different iPad power plugs) absolutely nothing happens, no signal its charging, no signal after two hours of charging on an AC cable. Nothing happens when I plug it into the computer and open iTunes. It's dead, dead. I tried holding down the two buttons for over a minute to reset it and nothing. Totally unresponsive.

    So my question is what happened, what's wrong with it and after reporting its location so often as recently as this morning, why is it dead and unable to take a charge or any type of sign of life??

    What should I do now? iPad has a one-year limited warranty. Would this be covered? I can make an insurance claim, but I have a $500 deductible so for a 16GB 3G model, not much help there, but a little. Can it be fixed? What's wrong with it? Is it related to the cold weather?

    Anyone? Thanks!

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    Take it to an apple centre ok

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