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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by CrisisEdge, Sep 3, 2010.

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    as the title say i need music/ video help with my ipad... i am not a tech guy or anything and i dont know much about how the heck i work itunes... but here is my question... i have itunes on my computer (duh) and my compter was recently cleaned off completly after dealing with some problems... (non apple/ itune problems) anyway now i re-downloaded itunes and when i put my ipad in it says that i needed to re-sync it and it gave me two options so i picked the one that had me transfer over the licence or registration or whatever it was called... and my music didnt carry over just the things i got from itunes (like all my apps and a few podcasts) and i was thinking... i really dont mind to much but then i also tried to download this new video onto my ipad but it isnt going on it and there is nothing i can do i saw this other option but i cant find it again and i think it had something to do with erasing my ipad and putting whatever is on my itunes back on it which isnt any of my music so i guess my question(s) is/are how can i get my music off my ipad so i can clean it off or reset it or whatever itunes wants to do to it and how do i put this video on that doesnt want to go on?

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