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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by MemphisMark, Aug 27, 2013.

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    I am having an interesting problem. I have multiple books in my iBooks app, and most of them have multiple copies in my library.

    Common sense by Thomas Paine has one iCloud marked extra copy (there are two total, the book itself and one marked as in the iCloud. Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike has the original one, the seven extra copies, all marked with the iCloud icon.

    I have just deleted the extra copies multiple times, but whenever I reopen iBooks, there they are again! :-(

    Should I just clear the library entirely and redownload everything?
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    This seems to be a bug happening to many iDevice users. The only way to deal with it (at the moment) is to go to Settings - iBooks, and turn off "Show All Purchases". This way the only options you have in "Collections" in the app will be "Books" and "PDFs". If you want to know what you've purchased, then tap "Store" in iBooks, then "Purchased".

    You can't remove purchased books entirely, only hide them.
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    Have you tried going to your iPad settings/iBooks/Shoe all Purchases....and turn OFF.

    You can do that, that way the other purchases you made on another idevice will no longer show from the cloud in your library.


    Also, sometimes when the iPad does strange things like this-try to do some of the immediate fixes to see if it remedies the issue.

    Have you tried to do the following?

    1. Force the app to close?
    2. Try to restart your iPad?
    3. Try to do a reset?

    You can try this in order, if an app becomes misbehaves...

    Force the app to close down*by pushing the home button twice or by doing a 4-finger swipe to bring up your multi-task bar. This will show all the apps that you have visited. Press the app, until it begins to shake. Close out the apps by pressing the red circle in each app. It will only quit the app and not delete. Than try to re-open the app and test out.

    If that doesn't work, restart the iPad by pressing the power switch down to power off.

    Third is to do a reset by holding the power switch and home button together until you see the apple logo. Hope that helps!

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