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    Have you ever played a multiplayer game? ? I recently found a very popular free casual games, the game can be play by 2 - 4 people to use a mobile phone at the same time, Xu interesting game modes and types of game you can choose. Game interactivity good. Why does the game only to play alone? One way or another your parents, friends, partners, students can work together, can be competitive, work together to play. Good game, should play together!

    The ios rare in the multiplayer game, two-person version is free. Choose a role to try first.

    Also like a variety show on television as the answer. The middle part of the game screen is left players on both sides to answer. Whoever answered correctly plus one, got the wrong answer one mark, score high in the balance sheet is the winner.

    There are many other types of subject type, the test of knowledge, mathematics, reaction and even color and so on.

    Friends who are interested, you can try uh.

    link: â€2 Player Reactor HD“ for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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