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    Here i would like you to post your outcome from scratchers so we can get an idea of how good or bad the scratchers are. You must update the game to get the scratcher event started.

    I´ve scratched five scratchers so far and my best is 5 money tokens, overfilling my vault with 100.000.000 cash. I thought it would be unwise to keep that amount of money so i spent 90.000.000 on units in 5 min :) So no need to attack me now he he he.. Anyway, i went from A 7,5k D 10k to A 10,5k D 14,5K in 5 min.

    Captain Steelman 962-173-831

    EDIT Now i´ve scratched 5 more but only got 1,2 and 3 tokens rewards. So total : 10 scratchers, 2 free and 8 with gold, gave me 9 with 1,2 and 3 same tokens and 1 with 5 same tokens.

    EDIT Scratched another one free and recived 4 bullet tokens. That gave me the Alpha Force Cannon A53 D56. Nice...
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