Modern Combat 5: Blackout Gets July 24 Release Date

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    Phone Arena reports that after more than a year of work, Gameloft is finally ready to release Modern Combat 5: Blackout, and we’ve only got a couple more weeks to go, with the official release date being announced today as July 24.

    The latest instalment of the massively successful first-person shooter kicks off in Venice, Italy, with Phoenix on a mission to guard a convoy of weapons of mass destruction. When a gang of terrorists tries to intercept the weapons the fun really begins!

    After Venice, the action shifts to the second main location, which just happens to be Tokyo, where you’ll also be able to commandeer vehicles to thwart the terrorists, aside from generally just shooting up the whole place!

    Pocket Gamer has had hands-on experience with the game, and notes that the story mode has both Campaign and Spec Ops missions, with the former being longer, story-driven missions with cutscenes and helicopter chases and the like, and the Spec Ops missions being shorter, with quick-fire objectives that you can compete on the go.

    There’s also a sizeable multiplayer mode, in which you get to play as your single-player character, which also gives you the opportunity to carry over all your upgrades, EXP, unlocked classes and customised weapons.

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be priced at £4.99/$6.99 total cost, with no in-app purchases required.

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