Microsoft’s new Universal Foldable Keyboard is now Available to Purchase Online for iOS Users

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    Microsoft’s new Universal Foldable Keyboard, is now available to purchase online and through Microsoft stores for a price of $99. The keyboard can be simultaneously paired with virtually any two mobile devices - an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone.

    The keyboard has a spill-resistant design, featuring a water repellent keyset and fabric which helps protect against accidents. The compact, foldable design allows users to easily fit the keyboard into a purse, bag, or pocket. The device is also only 5mm thin, being very easy to carry around, but still able to offer a full-sized keyset.

    Thus, whenever you don't need it, the portable Bluetooth keyboard folds in half. The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is available for $100 on Amazon, but you can also get it through Microsoft's retail stores and online. Have a look at the video from below to see how the device looks like.

    Source: Microsoft

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