Microsoft Updates Outlook for iOS With the Much Requested IMAP Support

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    Microsoft launched its Outlook app for iOS on the App Store less than a month ago, and it is now rolling out the second update for the free email app. And there's great news for those who have downloaded it already, as Microsoft is now bringing the much-requested IMAP support.

    The update app has now reached version number 1.0.4 and besides IMAP support, it also adds support for PIN enforcement policies set by server administrators and improves accessibility. The IMAP option means the app is now compatible with a wider number of email service providers.

    Here's what Outlook can do for you:

    The previous update that Microsoft had rolled out for its Outlook app added support for advanced account settings and the ability to disable emails being grouped as conversation. So, follow the link from below and have a look at the app.

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