Microsoft takes on iPad with a new Windows ad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jun 17, 2013.

By RaduTyrsina on Jun 17, 2013 at 3:01 PM
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    Microsoft has been trying to penetrate the tablet sector for some time now, with no notable success. However, one can’t blame the company for not trying. With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has launched a series of very aggressive ads that directly attack Apple and Android products.

    With the latest commercial it has released, Microsoft takes on the iPad up front, without the semi-subtle jokes we have seen in the Nokia Lumia 920 video. This is war out in the open.

    The new broadcast is an advertisement for a Dell ​​tablet running Windows 8. The back story of the commercial is very minimalistic. The Windows 8 tablet and the iPad are placed next to one another, and a user is trying to perform various tasks on both gadgets. In the background, one can hear a Siri like voice commenting on the actions the user is trying to perform.

    So how does Microsoft try to persuade us that Windows tablets are better? Well, if one is used to pinching when trying to zoom, they will naturally feel more at ease with the Dell tablet, but not with the iPad. The robotic voice coming from the iPad says “I’m sorry, I don’t zoom like that. Ouch! Ouch!†Then the person demonstrating in the video naturally slides an SD card into the Windows 8 gadget, but there’s no SD slot located anywhere on the Apple tablet.

    The last part of the commercial showcases the fact that with the Dell computer, one can perform two actions at once (like watching a video and checking the calendar). Siri says “You can do two things at once? That’s cool!†Last but not least, there’s a price comparison between the Apple tablet and the Windows tablet - $599 versus $399.

    Leaving aside the price, the iPad offers tons of functionalities the Windows one does not, but of course, a commercial made by the competition will only highlight the so called weaknesses. But honestly, is it that vital to be able to insert your SD card into your tablet, that you should judge an overall product by this feature?

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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jun 17, 2013.

    1. iJamesH
      This kind of stuff has been going on for decades so it's nothing new. It seems Microsoft is grasping for straws though with the recent backlash on Xbox One one wonders how Microsoft is going to keep their heads above water.
    2. AdmiralAdama
      I recently bought a PC with Windows 8. It sits dark in a corner. It's worse than the Xbox dashboard.

      I expect to pass on XboxOne and try PS4.

      As far as portable devices go we're shrinking to a
      2 OS universe - iOS and Android. My opinion at least.


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    3. ardchoille
      I couldn't agree more.
    4. Krooked
      I don't have (or understand) product loyalty, so these types of commercials (from both sides) have no marketing effect on me whatsoever.

      I have an Ipad 3 and just added a Surface Pro to my toy collection. They are nothing alike and I like them both for what they are. Some don't like the win8 functionality or layout, but so far, I am enjoying its "newness" as I did with iO5/6.

      What can I say, I like my toys.
    5. s2mikey
      That's a pretty amazing prediction and I'd have thought you were crazy ten years ago to say it. But now? It's more likely to be true than not! I'm just amazed that no one at Microsoft said anything to anyone about how clunky and odd windows 8 is. Not even a peep? Oh well. I just don't see it working out for them.
    6. Dedzdedz
      Jailbreak your device, buy a Camera Connection Kit, install iFile from Cydia... And there you go, SD card and USB on your iPad. :)

    7. AdmiralAdama
      I may yet become a felon. ;)


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    8. Bob Maxey
      Bob Maxey
      Is this a Microsoft ad or a DELL ad? Clarify if possible. the title of this thread is misleading if this is an ad paid for by Dell.

      Apple, Dell, MS and the rest want to sell product and their ads will try to do whatever it takes. Nothing new here.
    9. Bob Maxey
      Bob Maxey
      you do have brand loyalty and it comes from advertising. We ALL have some loyalty to one thing or another; it is unavoidable.

      Sometimes it is based on emotions and sometimes, demonstrable goodless and clearly superior products.

      Are you on other forums or just this one?

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