Microsoft Adds Deeper Integration Between the Outlook and Office apps on iOS Devices

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    Microsoft has updated its Outlook and Office apps for iPhone and iPad users with easier ways to open and edit attachments in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Thus, by using the updated apps, Outlook users can now open Office documents that they receive as attachments in their respective apps. The Office team said the following on their official website:

    "Today, we are excited to announce deeper integration between Outlook and our other key Office apps for iPhone and iPad—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—designed to make it easier than ever to collaborate on and share Office documents on the go. In many organizations, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents capture the bulk of the knowledge and experiences that information workers produce—strategy documents, sales presentations, contracts, market analyses, etc. In our personal lives, these documents contain to-do lists, travel itineraries, monthly budgets and more. This information is then frequently shared with others in email using Outlook."

    Prior to this update, opening a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint attachment in the iOS Outlook app resulted in a simple render of the Outlook viewing window. Another nice improvement is the new streamlined open-edit-attachment workflow. Thus when you open an Office document from Outlook and finish making your changes, you can tap on the Back button to close the document and return to Outlook. Furthemore, the now-updated file is added an attachment in your reply.

    The Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iPhone and iPad now include a “Send with Outlook” option in the Share menu, as well. This button will display Outlook’s Compose New Email pane with the document attached and ready to share. Microsoft also said it will bring these features to Android in the next couple of months.

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