Microlatch and Apple Said to be Working on Fingerprint Security

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    AppleInsider reports today that according to The Australian, start-up company Microlatch has inked a deal with Apple to develop fingerprint ID technology. The information comes from David Murray, who is a lead investor for the company, although unfortunately he was not prepared to divulge much more on the matter. AppleInsider explains that Microlatch is the owner of a patent for “self-registering†fingerprint biometrics that fulfil banking security standards and do not require processing or storage. AppleInsider posits that Apple seems to be looking into a biometric security solution to work alongside NFC to enable secure digital payments. This follows on from Apple’s acquisition of fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec in July for $356 million, presumably so that Apple would now have access to AuthenTec’s Smart Sensor fingerprint reader. It seems that Apple is still a long way off implementing such technology, however, as people are understandably wary of such payment methods unless they know that they are completely secure.

    Source: Rumor: Apple strikes deal with Australian start-up Microlatch for fingerprint security tech

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