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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by Merciless Max, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Merciless Max

    Merciless Max
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    Jan 11, 2013
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    Hello everyone,

    During my searches, I've come across this forum. The contents are informative and the community seems very pleasant. I'm joining this forum to gain more knowledge about Apple devices and offer to share what I know accordingly.

    Useful information about me for this forum. I am a PC meaning that both my Desktop and Laptop run on Windows7
    ultimate. From early days of photoshop and illustrator I've used a PC. To date, I haven't been able to make a switch; 17-
    Year-Old habits are hard to break.

    However, important to note that I bought my first new computer in 1984 (29 years ago). I
    Paid $5,500 dollars for it and I'm proud to say that it was an "APPLE II COMPUTER".

    That being said, I've owned Apple devices since 2003. I fell in love with the product, the culture and the aesthetic nature of the design and concept.

    Apple Devices I Currently Own:

    iPhone 4
    iPhone 4s
    iPhone 5

    iPad 2
    iPad 3 (the new iPad)

    iPod classic (4th generation)
    iPod shuffle (4th generation)
    iPod touch (3rd generation)
    iPod touch (4th generation)

    I currently have over 1,000 iPhone & iPad Apps and the list keeps growing. Aside from being a technical enthusiast, I'm
    addicted to the App Store.

    Purchasing the "iPad with retina display" brought me to this forum which I found to be very informative, prompting me to
    Join. Feel free to ask any questions because I'm planning to do the same :)

    Kindest Regards,

    Merciless Max
  2. goofy8275

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    I would like to welcome you, our newest member, to this gorgeous online community where iPad users alike come from all walks of life to converse and share their knowledge of the revolutionary piece of technology brought into existence by Apple known as the iPad. I invite and encourage you to look around and make some new posts, we could certainly use that! Make yourself at home!
    We only ask that you kindly read over the forum rules and follow them during your membership at the forum.
    Also, for anyone using the iPF app for iPad ( and having issues with the Send button, read this thread:

    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome our newest member to the forum.

    From the account of Goofy8275, user of iPadForums
  3. skimonkey

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    Sep 11, 2011
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    Great intro, Max!

    Welcome to the iPadForum! This Forum offers so much information related to the iPad and its use. The IPF has many discussion topics related to:

    iPad Accessories |iPad Help|iPad Hacking | iPad Games | iPad for Business and Education | Special Needs iPad Forum | iPad for Health Forum

    The iPadForum also includes a Regional Ipad Group for international users across the world. This is a wonderful area to "find" members from your own country.
    Regional iPad Groups

    If you have not done so, please take a look at the iOS 5.0, 5.1 & 6.0:*
    Connecting to the iTunes Store.
    iTunes - Books - iPad User Guide for iOS 5.1 by Apple Inc.
  4. smalltowngirl13

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    May 1, 2012
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  5. leelai

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    Apr 24, 2011
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