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Media player help....DVD playback

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by ojisjunkie, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. ojisjunkie

    ojisjunkie iPF Novice

    Sep 3, 2011
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    I have been trying a couple of media players, namely
    • AV Player HD
    • BuzzPlayer
    • It's Playing
    all of which seem to have great playback for different formats. Buzzplayer and It's Playing can also stream directly to my ATV3, which is great, but what I am really stuck on is playing back DVD folders.
    I have some DVD's on my iMac, and I can see them in It's Playing, it cant play back the DVD with the DVD menus etc. It will only play each individual .vob file.

    Is there a Media Player that will stream DVD's from a server (like my iMac) and encode so that it can be played back on the ATV3?

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