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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by readyfreddie, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I just want to say, like many others, the forum is really good place to find some good information. Here is some that i hope will help. I hear a lot of people saying the iPad cant do what a computer can do, well it's getting close. i read where one guy said you can't call from it. Well hear this. I have downloaded an app called voipcheap, you can call anywhere with it. you get a very nice key board for your telephone and you dial just like on your normal phon. You do need to sign up for it. the headerquarter is in England and Munich, Germany. If you call from anywhere in the world by WIFI it's cost you 1¢ to a regular phone per minute and 10¢ to a cell. I started with a $10.00 purchase in 2009 and i still have minutes. I used a credit card for purchase. Totally safe, haven't had any problems. You can call without WIFI too, but it's cost you just a few cents more. You can also download skype on it, also works fine and that is absolute free, but you need a connection. You can also download quickoffie from the app store, which give you word/excel/presentation. The basic is free, but is limited. If you purchase PRO, you can use it like your regular office. I also download HPeprint and now i can print from it. So many other things you can do that I've learned on this forum. I hope this can help someone. Freddie
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    I am glad you have found a neat app to further help your daily life, and ensuring that others will be more informed on the service.
    I would like to welcome you, our newest member, to this gorgeous online community where iPad users alike come from all walks of life to converse and share their knowledge of the revolutionary piece of technology brought into existence by Apple known as the iPad. I invite and encourage you to look around and make some new posts, we could certainly use that! Make yourself at home!
    We only ask that you kindly read over the forum rules and follow them during your membership at the forum.
    Also, for anyone using the iPF app for iPad ( and having issues with the Send button, read this thread:

    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome our newest member to the forum.

    From the account of Goofy8275, user of iPadForums

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