Max & The Magic Marker Coming Soon to iPad and iPhone

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By Maura on Mar 26, 2011 at 4:55 PM
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    EA Mobile has today revealed that the award-winning WiiWare and PC game, Max & The Magic Marker, has finally been released to the App Store for iPad and iPhone. The game, which won the Independent Games Festival 2010 D2D Vision Award, features 58 levels across 3 unique worlds, all rendered in stunning HD-quality graphics on the iPad’s large screen.

    The game tells the story of Max, who receives a mysterious marker in the mail, promptly draws a monster with it, only to find that the monster springs immediately to life, and jumps into another drawing. Max draws himself onto the page so that he can run after the monster, and that’s where the fun begins in this physics-based puzzle-platformer. The magic marker that you use in the game enables you to draw freehand, with everything you draw becoming a real, interactive object within the game world, as you help Max to vanquish enemies, and deal with obstacles and puzzles. Each puzzle has many solutions, and you can earn achievements from solving them. Along the way you can also collect ink, and golden and black spheres.

    Click here to download the game for $4.99: Max and the Magic Marker for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: EA Mobile
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 26, 2011.

    1. Snarky30
      It's actually already out in the app store here in the US. Came out on the 17th. It's so much fun and fits perfectly on the iPad.
    2. Maura
      Thanks for the info, I didn't realise it was out! Have added a link to the store.
    3. Random_Kiwi
      Cool game...nice and fun and still very challenging...some levels are tricky enough to complete at all, let alone getting all 3 stars! Got most done with 2 stars, getting all white and black orbs, but nailing both of those AND doing it in the time limit?!?! HOW??? haha

      Well worth the money, even girls like this game! :lol:

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