Masks! Spandex! Wrestling! Weapons! Zombies! Introducing... Lucha Zombie

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    Hi everyone!

    You might have heard of or seen the wild over the top world of professional wrestling. Well, over-the-top is an understatement when it comes to Lucha Libre! It's all about exciting aerial maneuvers and extraordinary acrobatics with flamboyant characters and colorful masks. The style of fighting has developed techniques that are more acrobatic, theatric, and spectacular. One of the most distinct characteristics is that of the mask. To wear it is to be more than just human; it is to assume the traits of a mythical costumed hero. To take such a vibrant tradition and blend the Zombie genre is what this game is all about.

    We've seen generic Zombies, fast moving Zombies, Nazi Zombies, Supernatural Zombies... we've even Cybernetic Zombies. But we've never seen Zombies like this! In colorful wrestling tights and masks! Well what if we took that spectacular and colorful world and match it right up against the Zombie Apocalypse??

    You play a Masked Warrior in this game, and there are 12 to choose from. All with unique personalities. As you're in the ring, everything around you seems normal as fans cheer you on. Your opponent starts groaning... and you realize he's turned into a flesh eating Zombie. You look around the arena, and soon realize the entire arena has started to turn. You're now battling in a different kind of main event! You'll be fighting off Zombies from all corners.

    In addition to choosing from 12 different luchadores, you will also have many high impact fighting moves and weapons at your disposal. We've even added some fun environment attacks like bright lights, fireworks and a cage that drops down.

    You are completely surrounded in the ring and must fight your way out in the biggest battle royal of your life! How long can you survive?!

    - Simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action
    - Hard hitting and high flying attacks
    - Chain together moves and attacks for bonuses
    - Pose and strut in front of the crowd in a mini-game
    - Classic Wrestling related weapons
    - Cage match to help lock Zombies out
    - Light your Zombies up with some pyro
    - Get your Zombies dizzy with arena lights
    - 12 playable characters, each with their own unique personality
    - Full Game Center integration

    iTunes Link: Download from iTunes

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