Make your Own Memes With the Recently Launched Imgur MemeGen iOS App

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    Imgur is a popular image hosting service and the favorite image sharing site for Reddit users. Last summer, Imgur had launched the Meme Generator as a web app, now it launches it for iOS users. The free iOS Imgur MemeGen app will allow iPhone, iPod and iPad users to quickly create memes, remix those made by others, or simply browse those in the gallery, save or vote for their favorites.

    The app is very simple to use and will only occupy 2.3 MB of your storage space. Users have at their disposal a selection of more than 100 popular themes to choose from, including the “Overly Attached Girlfriendâ€, “Good Guy Gregâ€, and “Confession Bearâ€. After choosing your favorite theme, you can add your own text to make a meme, save it, and share it on social networks. One of the most popular places for meme is 9Gag, so probably that’s where most of the memes will get submitted.

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