Maintaining apps independently on two iPads

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by zzz_zzz, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I have searched various forums and Apple's site and I cannot get a clear answer to this one.

    I had one iPad 2 (IOS 5.1), one PC, one iTunes account and one Apple ID. The iPad had a number of purchased apps on it. Call this one A.
    I now have a second iPad 2 (IOS 4.3) which also has some apps, plus other files, on it. Call this one B.
    I would like to be able to use the Apple ID with both iPads, but keeping their files quite separate.
    When I connect B to the PC iTunes offers to update the iPad's software, but recommends files be transferred to iTunes. In itself that might be OK, but I can see a hell of a mix up ensuing.
    iTunes 1.jpg

    When I set B's "Sync Apps" option in iTunes, it says it will replace the apps on B with the ones in iTunes, which are the ones currently on A.

    iTunes 2.jpg

    A second Apple ID is no good because some, but not all, of the apps will be needed on both iPads, and I don't want to pay twice for the same thing.

    I know that music files can be separated on the two iPads, but so far I have not heard of anybody being able to keep all and any type of file independent.
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    You need to turn off the automatic installation of new apps, so that you can control which apps are installed on each machine. You can also allow apps to download and then delete them if you don't want them on the second machine.

    Next, turn off any automatic syncing that may be going on. I have automatic sync going on between my iPad and iPhone on Pages and Notepad but have it turned off on my sons iPod so that he can use them independently, and he doesn't get to play with my documents.

    FaceTime and iMessage can also be configured independently, as can Mail.

    You can mix and match, in other words. If syncing is useful, use it and if it is not, turn it off. It is not an all or nothing process.

    If you need any help setting this up feel free to give us a shout back.

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