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    I have used Magic Launcher (aka S Launcher previously) for app launch icons for quite a while; for me it is a great app and so I thought that I would post some pictures of one particular aspect as they may be of interest to others.

    From postings I have read, like other users, I find at times Safari, in particular, grinds almost to a halt -and that is on an iPad air 2 with 64 GB. Sadly there does not appear to be anything like System/Process Explorer -well not for non-jailbroken iPads.

    As well as launch icons, and grouped launch icons held in a folder, there are many what are called magic items, e.g. memory load; up/ down speed of wifi and cell; barometric pressure; altitude to name but a few.




    As hopefully you can see from the screenshots above depending upon the system load, the memory icon shows the amount of memory being used, with a very rapid update. The part circle changes from white to yellow to red depending upon what the iPad is trying to do, although at what values these change I have no idea. It gives me at least an idea as to whether I have something going that is hogging the system or that my broadband is being slow.

    You can also see the wifi up/down speed, which for me is useful as I can see instantly whether a download has stopped or whether an automatic update is hogging the airwaves in the background.

    This is not a system/ process explorer and it is not meant to be -it is an app launcher, but it does go a long way towards providing a cursory pointer as to what is going on.

    I will skip in depth details of Magic Launcher as there is a free you can use and a pro version, although I should mention that you can have several rows of launch icons and groups, ordered to suit your needs, rather than one line of the 5 most recently used you get swiping left from the home screen.

    Finally, I have no connection with Magic Launcher, although I have been beta testing recent versions.

    I hope that this is of interest.
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