LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias Out Tomorrow

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    Frontier announced today that adventure platform game LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias will be released tomorrow, Thursday May 10. The sequel to the incredibly popular LostWinds features new season-switching gameplay, new wind powers, gorgeous graphics, and lots of new environments to explore. As you might imagine, there will also be plenty of new characters to meet, and an intriguing storyline. Just as before, gameplay centers around helping young Toku to jump and glide his way around Mistralis in a bid to thwart the evil Balasar and his cronies. The new game uses realtime radiosity, dynamic lights, dynamic shadows and reflective and refractive ice shaders. In other words, it looks real pretty, as you can see from the trailer! Here are some of the new game’s main features, courtesy of Frontier:

    The universal app will cost £2.49/$3.99 to download.

    Source: LostWinds | Facebook
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    Real games on the iPad make me happy! As an avid gamer, I love seeing the device mature as a gaming platform. Maybe we can get all those angry birders hooked on more...substantial games.

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