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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by tixrus, Jun 3, 2014.

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    I got some new music onto my computer and added it to the ipad in unrealbook. Then my hard drive died (Computer not ipad. ) There were a few days that did not get backed up because my main computer was so slow I needed to shut everything down including backup just to clean it up enough to take it to the shop. Well now I have a new hard drive and restored from my latest backup. A few things are missing, for example.... Now there are some sheets on the ipad that are NOT on the computer.

    #1. Is there any way to easily identify them? I kinda don't think so, because I put all new music in a "NEW MUSIC TO ADD" folder, then add it, after that I normally file it by genre. So I don't know how the ipad would find it to compare.
    #2. Is there any way to put them back on the computer if I somehow manage to identify them? According to what I read "synch" only goes one way. Anyway, unrealbook has it's own stash and apparently does not "synch" like music does. Can I sneak 'em into a drop box or something?

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    Here is the online manual for Unrealbook: Using unrealBook

    A page or two down you will see you have several share and export items under the Action button/menu. It doesn't show a picture, but this button usually looks like a box with and arrow coming out of it.

    Poke around and you'll likely find it. Pay special attention to file/document list/view pages. An Edit button often reals select and share options/icons as well.

    Good luck.

    Oh, here's their main page as well, in case you need to ask them more questions.
    unrealBook for iPad

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