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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by raduray, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I foolishly left my iPad 3G on an airplane yestereday (Saturday) and the airline does not report it found. The iPad was not locked. I know, both actions were stupid.

    The iPad was in Airplane mode. It was activated to work on iCloud.

    So, I logged in onto my iCloud account to find its location and to request a remote lock and a "please contact me" message. The iPad was not found (maybe still in Airplane mode) but there's a message that the remote lock request and an email notification will be implemented when the iPad is connected to the internet.

    So, I know that whoever found it will have full access to it until they go online. Is there anything they can do before going online to abort the remote lock request? And if the remote lock request gets activated once they go online, is there anyway that can be bypassed to make the iPad usable? What exactly will happen when it gets taken off Airplane mode and it goes online?

    I'm still hoping against all hope that the airline has found it but has not yet logged it into its system because of the weekend.

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