Lost files when installing latest iPad operating system

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Bob331, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Before installing the latest version (OS 5), I synched my iPad2 to my PC. Notwithstanding, many of my apps were missing after the upgrade, but I remembered most of them and re-installed.

    I also had about 10 books and 10 pdf documents on my iPad2 that were stored in iBooks. I opened iTunes on my PC and saw the books there, so I assume that I can bring them over to the iPad2.

    But I cannot find the pdf files anywhere. Not on my iPad2 or the PC. Are they really gone ? I thought that the synch process would have stored these somewhere on the PC.

    (Someone told me later that I should have done a "backup" of my iPad2; I didn't know that was an option, or how to do it.)


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