Looking To Buy The iPad Mini? Here Are The Benefits I've Found

Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by KonigTheRottweiler, May 4, 2014.

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    I have found many benefits to the new iPad mini, and thought I'd share them! The apps are good, the iPad doesn't have like 10 generations, so you always have the updated iPad! (No offense apple, but making all those generations makes it so the games never can be played) I know there aren't ten iPod generations, but you know what I mean. iPads have good storage, a variety of the latest songs and games, parental controls, locks, voice control, Siri, and many other things! Correct me if my information is wrong or you don't like my thread, close it. I hope I'm not breaking any rules....................I try to be helpful. I thought people out there may want to know some things a regular person like me found in the amazing iPad mini. IMHO, the iPad mini is the best out there for entertainment and/or anything you can imagine! Hope I'm helpful!

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