Looking for Task Mgr ap that auto inserts set tasks

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    I am lookign for a Task Manager or Calendar Ap that will automatically (after some set up) insert tasks based on the entered completion date of a project.

    For example:

    A professional party planner gets a booking for June 1st and one for July 1st. For both jobs they need to do the same tasks a certain amount of time before the event.

    - 60 days before event: confirm location
    - 30 days before event: send client sample menu
    - 20 days before event: order table linens

    etc, etc. The tasks are the same for both events, and occur the same numbr of days prior to each event. I am not a party planner, but this was the easiest example I could come up with to explain what I am looking for. I have about 150 events per year that all have about 10 tasks that need to be accomplished at a certain amount of time prior to the event and I would rather not enter the tasks one by one, let alone have to calculate what X number of days prior to each event date is 10 times.

    Has anyone heard of a task manager that can do this?

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