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Discussion in 'iPAD MINI Accessories' started by Friendly, Oct 4, 2015.

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    a) Stylus - my Mini 4 will be used for a lot of studying where I'll need to highlight text and add notes. I have pudgy fingers, so I would prefer to use a stylus to select the text. I have a stylus that I'm using, but have found that when I am trying to highlight text near hyperlinks to auxiliary topics, it makes them appear and drops the text I've selected. are there any stylus options with finer tips that will work on my screen? something much like what the iPad Pro is going to have would be nice, but I understand it's proprietary to the Pro. :p

    b) Case - I like the nice $80 leather cases you could buy for the iPad Air series. here's an example:

    I would like to find something like this for the Mini 4. there's a plastic one Apple has, but the reviews say it's a few mm too big, so the tablet slides around in it, and that it's leaving residue on the screen. you can understand how I can find that unacceptable.regarding the case, it simply could be the Mini 4 is too new and there's not been enough time for cases to hit/saturate the market. I'd just like to protect the beastie. it cost me a kidney... ;)

    any help/direction you can give me would be appreciated!
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    There are a few active styluses like the Adonit Jot. These have pen sized tips. They generate a capacitive field that simulates a fingertip. Of course this means either a changeable battery or having to charge them. They also perform less well in some ways than plain old fat tipped styluses when it comes to reliably being sensed by the screen. But they do get out of your way.

    The traditional stylus is fat for a reason. You need something near finger sized to create the capacitive field the screen needs to sense. While some styluses are thinner, there comes a point where they work less reliably.

    In short, the current crop of iPads were never designed to work with a stylus. No stylus is going to give you the same feel and response as a real pen or highlighter.

    The iPad Pro is supposed to come closer. Some indications are that it may even come closer than than professional drawing tablets; but even then it won't be a perfect emulation of of a pen or pencil.

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