Looking for apps that let me customize a form and save it.

Discussion in 'Productivity Apps Forum' started by Medic7, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Sep 12, 2013
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    Hello, I'm currently a field paramedic. We are in the process of doing away with paper forms and using Ipad, so that everything is streamlined and clean.

    Currently, we have several paper documents are are either in .pdf or .xls format. We are looking for apps that allows us to fill in pertinent information and save them to a .pdf file in our current forms. I have seen several different programs but not sure which is the most sufficient.

    Most of our forms, can be either text based and almost all of them require signatures on more that one line and possibly initials.

    I just don't know what apps are out there that will let me use a form by selecting the line I want to fill and then a box pops up either with keyboard or numbers as is runsheet number or date/birthdate. Then have a few lines where click on the line and a signature box pops up so ht either initials or a signature can be applied.

    Then once the form is complete its save as a .pdf format.

    Can someone help me or point me in the right direction.

    Thank You
  2. Mickey330

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    In my opinion, iAnnotate is the premier flagship app for annotating PDFs. You can use it to write on PDFs (or type, highlight, draw, etc). You can use templates or other forms. I think it would be great for your purposes - especially since it's on sale today (until noon CDT) for $1.99, USD (it's regularly $9.99).

    For the .xls portion, there are a couple of apps that might help: Apple's Numbers app ($9.99) and another app called Documents To Go (standard is $9.99; premium is $16.99). I have used both and they work great for .xls files. I'm not too sure about converting them to PDF - you may have to look in the AppStore for another app to do the conversion. I'm sure there is one (or many!), I just don't know of it.

    Hopefully, some of this will start you off. I'm sure others will chip in...

  3. hpulmer

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    Take a look at iAuditor - usually for auditing/ safety inspections, however very customizable.
    Also check out enneaform - here you can use scanned documents/ PDF files, add the form-fields you need. (I have only a test version, but it looks pretty good)
    If you have the PDF documents as forms (fillable on the computer), then PDFProvider or AdobeReader could be useful.

    Hope that helps,

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