Looking for a new Note-taking app for iPad, Windows, Mac, etcetera

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    I currently use GoodNotes, and I like it because it allows me to import a PDF document and take notes right on it.

    The problem is, GoodNotes does not have a PC counterpart. I want to be able to do the same things on a PC or Mac that I can do on my iPad.

    And that includes DRAWING and handwriting, whether I have a stylus and pad, or a touch-enabled laptop (which I may down the road).

    I don't care where the documents actually "live", as long as I have the ability to back them up and save an offline copy.

    So here's what I need, in no particular order:

    * Cross-platform apps between PC, Mac, (Linux would be nice, but is not a "must have").
    * Ability to type notes on all platforms.
    * Ability to handwrite notes on all platforms.
    * Ability to import AND export PDF documents into/out of all platforms.
    * Ability to easily insert pages, links, etc.
    * A spelling dictionary would be nice.
    * Ability to draw on all platforms, and to have both handwritten notes and drawings to be transferred to/from all platforms with the note "document".

    I will probably have more to add, but these things are what I really "need" right now.

    Your thoughts?
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    Simple answer - won't happen!

    Sorry - now, I will not be offended to be corrected - maybe you should become a developer? ;) Dave
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    Closest thing I can think of is Evernote, and a bunch of apps that integrate with Evernote, or can be used in conjunction with.

    On the PC and Mac, you can pretty much choose any app to edit a file in Evernote, and it will save back to that note when finished. I often use Preview on the Mac to edit PDFs and pictures that are in Evernote: cropping, removing a page, reducing the file size, etc.. Or, for even quicker marking up, most of Skitch's tools are now integrated into Evernote; on the Mac at least. I'm not sure of the PC.

    On the iPad it's more complicated. The app sandboxing prevents direct interaction with Evernote, except for the handful of apps that Evernote makes. However that does include handwriting (Penultimate), marking up pictures (Skitch, both the separate app and built into Evernote). You can also use Evernote's integrated Skitch markup tools on PDF after they are in a note.

    Some of the other things you may want to do require a bit more workaround, however, almost any app can send its data to Evernote via email or the Open In option, and Evernote can use Open In to copy a document to any app that is compatible with it.

    That means you can probably even keep using GoodNote with it, since you like the way that app works.

    This entails some cleaning up after the fact, of course. On the other hand, I find I need to do a little cleaning up in Evernote anyway. Once a week is usually enough for my casual usage. I run through the last weeks (or days) notes and tag, move, edit, or delete them as appropriate. It doesn't usually take long, unless I've grabbed a bunch of documents that need editing.

    And, of course, you can get to your Evernote on just about every device made, or through the website when none of your own devices are available.

    If you are going to use it heavily, as your post suggests, you'll probably want to pay for the premium service. Personally, I consider it well worth the extra features; like automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of your pictures and PDF files, so that and text in them is searchable.

    If you want more information and ideas on how to use Evernote, here is a thread you may be interested in.


    Evernote starts out fairly simple, but if you dig into it a bit you can configure it to do a ton of amazing things.

    Disclaimer: I'm not associated with the Evernote fold, but I am a big fan, and slightly biased towards it as a solution.
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    Agreed. It does take a bit of getting used to, but I've purchased all of the associated apps from Evernote and am extremely pleased with the investment (some of their products were paid but made free later). It's universally supported on many platforms, it integrates it's data through the cloud so you can access it anywhere at anytime, and it's interactive and extremely flexible so you can twiddle with it to suit your needs. We're given copies and subscriptions for Microsoft Office at work, but I'd much rather use the Evernote apps. It's also great for collaborative projects and such. Sharing and working essentially made easy. Even without the premium features, it's a must-have in your mobile/PC repertoire.

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