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Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by Casey_B, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Hi, all.

    This might be an oddity or an impossibility, but I am looking for a crossword app with more than three free puzzles! On my first day of iPad Mini ownership, I downloaded one by a company called Teazle, who are aptly named. Three puzzles, then £1.50 a pack! Considering the rate at which I do word puzzles, that could get expensive quite quickly. Any other puzzlers willing to help me out?


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    CRUX pulls in crossword from a variety of sources. Some free, some require membership from the source, and some are paid. I can't remember if its a free or paid app.

    My only complaint is that navigation is not intuitive as it could be, but you should be able to figure it out by poking around.

    Anyway, there are 15 free starter puzzles, and several sources that offer several new puzzles a month for free. At the least, it should be enough to keep you busy until you find another app you like better.

    Another option is the USA Today app. They have new puzzles most days, and you can access many of the older ones. For a news magazine, they've done a pretty good job with the crossword puzzle's interface.

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