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Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by kevinhunter, May 6, 2012.

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    Hi, my lock screen button on my ipad3 seems to be a bit lose. Is this normal. By lose I mean it move about a bit. Never noticed before as always been locking the screen with the magnet flip cover way. Anyone else like this? Cheers guys :)
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    Having replaced a iPad screen for a relative a few months ago, I can tell you the Home button fits exactly the same as on the iPhones. It's not secured to anything, the button is recessed so it just drops into the hole in the screen, to prevent it rotating and to keep it in place are 2 small plastic tabs either side which protrude about 2mm if that, and these locate in matching slots, so it is a loose drop in fit and presses directly onto the bubble switch underneath when you press it. I did notice when working on iPhones that Apple place a tiny piece of thin rubber/foam like material between the buttons and switch assy so it prevents any sloppiness or undue noise which loose buttons might make, I don't recall seeing any when I did the iPad.

    The button fit in the hole is quite close so there should'nt be much movement anyway, but there obviously needs to be a little clearance to stop it sticking Does the button appear as though it's not dead square..ie. rotated a little, which may indicate one of the locating tabs may have broken off.. which is highly unlikely.
    On checking, both our iPad1 and new iPad 3 have a tiny amount of movement in them.
    Personally I doubt you have a issue, and would'nt worry about it.. as it's sounds normal to me.

    There have been a few comments about Home buttons sitting a little proud of the glass, my iPad3 Home button is a touch higher than the one on the wifes iPad1, I can just about feel the edge of the Home button with my finger nail.. but its quite acceptable, infact with a really thin screen protector fitted one cannot feel the edge of the Home button at all... Thats the only comments I've seen regarding buyers issues with Home buttons, and I think thats mainly due to the fussiness of the user, as I don't think a Home button sticking up 4 or 5 thousanths of an inch is a major issue...lol
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