Loading a .band file back into Garageband (iPad 2)

Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by Brobocop, May 4, 2013.

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    May 4, 2013
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    Hi all. I am a newbie. Forgive me if this question is ridiculous, and forgive
    me if it's been asked 1000 times. Basically, I'm trying to collaborate with some
    old school buddies through Garageband. I only have it on Ipad 2, they have it on
    their macs. I do not have a mac (terrible, I know). We're all working from a
    Dropbox account. I put a file of a guitar track into said Dropbox. They've
    already done work on the file and dropped it back into the box. Now, I'm able to
    get the new .band folder back into itunes through my pac, via ifunbox. However,
    when I pull up Garageband on the Ipad 2 and click the + sign and select itunes,
    it doesn't show up. If I select a song I have on my Garageband, I can see the
    folder through Apple Loops, but it isn't accessible. I can just see the title,
    and it's in grey, not in bold black. So, is it not possible to get this back
    onto the iPad 2 by pc through iTunes? Will it ever be? Better yet, if I had a
    mac, would this be doable? I realize this is worded terribly, but any help would
    be appreciated.

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