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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Seadog, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I was real interested about what I heard about OS 10.7, Lion which was announced today with iOS 5. There was a lot of questions that I had and did not want to go though the whole presentation and analysis. So I went to a Mac forum site and looked at the comments. It was like a lot of the stuff I read here, a lot of bickering and gripping about what they hated about it.

    Gripe #1: It does not come with a physical disc. How many iOS upgrades have a DVD download? How does a DVD help those with MacBook Airs. The only real gripe is those who have no internet, or a really slow connection. If person also pays by the Gb, a 4 Gb download may cost, but there will probably be alternatives for those people.

    Gripe #2: How can you do a full restore backup without a disc? Even now, you can make a full restore disc on DVD or USB stick, but 10.7 will make a patition for doing restores, and it will also allow for doing a backup from Time Machine.

    Gripe #3: You get to download the OS onto any machine you have registered with one $30 purchase. Instead of loving this low price for several machines, they griped about how to do corporate machines, griped about slow downloads to several machines, and having to do multiple downloads.

    Gripe #4: To download, you must have OS 10.6. The App Store was an offering for 10.6, you download from the App Store. It may be an inconvenience for some, but when you look at the price a person had to spend to go from XP to Win 7, get real. Most people skipped Vista because it was so pathetic, so when Win 7 comes out, they found out that they had to buy and load Vista before they could get Win 7. This cost consumers hundred$ to do, but this is only two $30 upgrade. And if you had up to five machines, you can get a 5-pack of 10.6 for $49, and then the one $30 10.7 upgrade. How many bucks would it cost to do this with Windows?? You could do five Macs for less than one Windows unit.

    Gripe #5: It does not do everything some people want. Sound familiar?

    It seems to me that no matter what any manufacturer does, there is a large and vocal group that will whine about every little thing.
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    Mar 2, 2011
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    Totally agree. For $30 it's an incredible upgrade... heck, even at four times that price it looks fantastic to me.
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    I remember Apple saying it would be available from the Mac App Store. I don't remember them saying there would be no other way to get it.

    People read too much into these announcements.

    And of course, there are alway people who concentrate on the negatives. When has there ever been an announcement of any thing new that was not greeted by a crowd of naysayers.

    Fire, it will never catch on.

    I saw a forest fire once, and almost got killed by it. Where will we get the wood? I suppose someone will have to go out and gather some every single day. When it goes out it will take forever to start again, it isn't like the lightning god makes cave calls. People are too stupid to use fire, they'll all burn themselves to death. Burnt meat has to be bad for you, I mean, it turns brown, just like when it's rotten. Sure, lions are scared of it, that just proves they are smarter than those Cro-magnons in the next valley.
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    I wonder how the upgrade will work once downloaded... I am an Ubuntu user at home and when a major update is ready ( twice a year), you just start the process, and continue to work... Then, the system will tell you it's time to reboot. Once rebooted, you are now into the new release, everything upgraded, including the apps.

    The download size will vary on softwares installed, but on a basic setup, it can go up to 1gig.

    After seeing the keynote yesterday, I really want to get a Mac, there are features in there that are just amazing, some I already have in Ubuntu for several years. But overall, being in sync with icould with my iPad and iPhone makes it compeling. I really like the iOS look in Lion!

    VicoPad addict!

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