LG might ship Retina displays for next-gen iPad mini, October launch envisioned

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    The rumors we have seen so far related to the iPad Mini 2, which is supposedly going to sport a Retina Display, indicated that we might see the device launched on the market with a delay. The shrunken tablet might become available for consumers as late as next year due to some issues related to the production of screens.

    However, new information coming out of Asia this week suggests the complete opposite. According to them, LG managed to patch things up in its supplier factories and is able to produce as ma​​ny Retina Displays as Apple would need for an October launch. Don’t get super excited, though. The news has been posted by the controversial DigiTimes which has spoken to several unknown sources familiar with the matter:

    “The sources also added that LG is reportedly making new headway in producing Retina panel technology for use in the next-generation iPad mini, and expects to ship about 2-3 million units a month in preparation for Apple's expected October release date.â€

    The report goes on to say a few words about the upcoming fully fledged iPad as well, which is expected to be lighter, smaller, more powerful and featuring an iPad Mini design frame.

    The current report is at odds with another which the same publication posted earlier this week. In it, it is stated that only an upgraded version of the iPad mini will ship until the end of the year, but that the Retina Display iPad Mini will not be available until 2014. So, what are we to believe?

    Source: AppleInsider


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